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Weld CERT Cart (Miller)

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Weld CERT Cart (Miller)

Certified Robotic Welding Trainer

Integration provided by: APT Manufacturing


  • Qualifies for FANUC educational CERT program (ARC Mate only)
  • Integrated system with FANUC equipment
  • Integrated system with Miller equipment
  • FANUC ARC Mate or CRX options
  • Ships with project-based learning
  • Fits through doorway


Fenced Cart with ARC Mate Robot

Fenceless Cart with CRX Robot


*CRX robots are not eligible for the CERT program



FANUC Robotics Courses:

*CRX not eligible
  • ArcTool Operation and Programming
  • WeldPRO
  • iRVision 2D **
  • Advanced TPP
  • DCS

Miller OpenBook™ Courses:

  • Robotic Arc Welding Fundamentals
  • Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG)
  • Applied Knowledge - Robotic Welding Labs

APT Integration Courses:

*CRX not eligible
  • Intermediate Concepts: Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Industrial Equipment
  • Basic Integration Labs: PLC, HMI, Robot, Ancillary Components
  • Safety Systems, Standards Design, and Application
**Must purchase vision options in order to teach FANUC iRVision

Career Paths and Certifications

Career Paths:

  • FANUC Robot Operator - Material Handling
  • FANUC Robot Operator - Arc Welding*
  • FANUC Robot Technician
  • Robotic Welding Technician*
  • Maintenance Technician
  • PLC/Controls Technician
  • Industrial Controls Integrator
*CRX only qualifies for marked paths

NOCTI Certifications:

*CRX not eligible
  • FCR-01 (FANUC Certified Operator 1) - Written
  • FCR-02 (FANUC Certified Operator 2) - Performance
  • FCR-T1 (FANUC Certified Robot Technician 2)

AWS Certifications:

  • American Welding Society - CRAW Certification



OpenBook™ is Miller's learning management software. It's designed to help you plan, offer, and assess student learning. It provides welding instructors, learners, and management with an easy tool to teach welding concepts and techniques to a variety of students from those just starting out to professionals in the field who'd like to learn new skills or refresh their current techniques.


*CRX robots are not eligible for the CERT program
  • FANUC ARC CERT Gift in Kind Package for qualified schools
  • FANUC Advanced Academic Software/ARC Bundle
  • FANUC ARCTool Student Certificate Program
  • Optional iRVision
*FANUC Education Grant available for new Educational Institutes. 

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