Stratasys J750 Digital Anatomy

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Stratasys J750™ Digital Anatomy™ 3D Printer

The J750 Digital Anatomy Printer brings medical models to life with incredible realism that accurately represents both the appearance and response of human tissue. Whether for surgeon training or testing new medical devices, these models provide unmatched clinical versatility and reduce the costs and inconveniences of cadaver and animal labs.

Realism in testing.

Test and perfect new devices and technologies on realistic human

anatomy in a range of pathologies. The J750 Digital Anatomy Printer

helps medical companies optimize design throughout the product


Perfecting surgical skills.

Provide practical surgical training in a risk-free setting. Print lifelike

human anatomy with standard or complex pathologies to allow

physicians and fellows to hone their skills before entering the

operating room.

Utilize three distinct materials unique to this printer to create patient-specific models:

TissueMatrix™ (softest material in the industry to recreate the feel of heart tissue)
BoneMatrix™ (high toughness to replicate bone and connective tissue)
GelMatrix™ (Gel Support for easy, unattended cleaning of blood vessels down to 1mm diameter)

Training and Education

  • Learn and develop skills prior to entering the operating room
  • Educate and train on highly accurate and functional 3D printed anatomies
  • get cost-effective and customized simulations for training that couldn't be offered with mass produced models used today


GrabCAD Print Digital Anatomy Software, including the optional add-on GrabCAD Voxel Print

Digital Anatomy Printer software gives you the power to create the most lifelike anatomical models available.

Combinations of materials and more than 100 preset anatomical menu options allow you to mimic disease states and physiological factors with biomechanical accuracy in a few simple clicks.

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