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Stratasys J55

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Stratasys J55

The Stratasys J55 3D Printer is a huge leap forward for accessible, full-color 3D printing and allows designers to have multiple iterations of a prototype ready and at their fingertips throughout every phase of the design process. Enhanced 3D printing capabilities include - status print head, rotating build tray, UV LED illumination technology, new material cartridge design, and more. The full reliability and quality of PolyJet technology created for an office or studio environment, at an affordable price.

The J55 offers a streamlined design-to-print workflow powered by GrabCAD Print™. This allows users to import designs using native CAD files or 3MF file formats. GrabCAD Print also enables Pantone® validated color matching. Remote monitoring lets you easily manage your print jobs from outside the office. Additionally, hands-free soluble support removal makes post processing simple and enables the creation of complex parts without compromising accuracy or detail.



Odor free - The smell free system uses a ProAero Air Extractor to effectively capture and filter out fumes, for a safe and odor-free operation.

Ultra-Quiet - Operating under 53 decibels, about the same as a household refrigerator.

Cost effective

Ease of use - Leverage an intuitive, three-step color 3D printing workflow - design, import, and print. 

Quality - Upgrade your design process with high resolution, fast prints, and a full color range, all integrated into one low power office solution.




Utilize with GrabCAD Shop™

GrabCAD Shop™ simplifies processes by providing an all-in-one work order management software solution.

Create and configure your internal shop the way you want.

  • Manage Incoming Orders
  • Reduce Time to Print
  • Connect All of Your Machines
  • Set Print Job Expectations
  • Easy to Use

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