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Stratasys Fortus Series

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Stratasys Fortus Series

Bring the speed, agility and design freedom of advanced additive manufacturing to your business while gaining the latest advances in FDM® technology. The Fortus 380mc™ and Fortus 450mc™ 3D Printers build high-requirement prototypes, rugged jigs, fixtures and tooling, and custom production parts in familiar thermoplastics. And these 3D printers are engineered for ease of use, including an all-new, intuitive touchscreen interface for smooth workflow. Both let you choose materials individually or in economical bundles.

Fortus 380mc™:

Quickly build advanced prototypes and production aids as large as 355 x 305 x 305 mm (14x12x12in.) in eight standard and engineering thermoplastics.

Fortus 450mc™:

Get all the capabilities of the Fortus 380mc™, plus a larger build envelope (406 x 355 x406mm [16x14x16in.]) and the option to run high-performance thermoplastics for specialized production parts in demanding fields such as medical, aerospace, research and defense.

Advanced FDM® technology

Fortus® systems are based on Stratasys® FDM® technology. FDM® builds parts in production-grade thermoplastics, enabling the most durable parts.

Fortus systems use a wide range of thermoplastics with advanced mechanical properties so your parts can endure high heat, caustic chemicals, sterilization and high-impact applications.

No special facilities needed

You can install a Fortus 3D Printer just about anywhere. No special venting is required because Fortus systems produce no noxious fumes, chemicals or waste.

No special skills needed

Compared to other additive fabrication systems, Fortus 3D Printers are easy to operate and maintain as there are no messy powders to handle and contain. They're so simple, an operator can be trained to operate a Fortus system in less than 30 minutes.

Get your benchmark on the future of manufacturing

Fine details. Smooth surface finishes. Accuracy. Strength. The best way to see the advantages of a Fortus 3D Printer is to have your own part built on a Fortus system.


Industry Recognized Credentials Achieved:

 Stratasys Additive Manufacturing Certification (ODE Point Value: 3)

*Required Equipment: Objet30Pro™ or better AND Stratasys F123™ Series or Fortus 450mc™


System Configuration

Build Envelope (XYZ)355 x 305 x 305 mm (14 x 12 x 12 in.)406 x 355 x 406 mm (16 x 14 x 16 in.)
Material DeliveryOne bay each for material and support canisters

Two bays each for material and support canisters

Auto changeover between canisters


Utilize with GrabCAD Shop™

GrabCAD Shop™ simplifies processes by providing an all-in-one work order management software solution.

Create and configure your internal shop the way you want.

  • Manage Incoming Orders
  • Reduce Time to Print
  • Connect All of Your Machines
  • Set Print Job Expectations
  • Easy to Use

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