Stratasys Continuous Build

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Stratasys Continuous Build

This modular, automated FDM® 3D printing system lets users benefit from continuous build production and efficient workflow without compromising part quality. Available in stacks of 3 so you can print multiple jobs in parallel without downtime and easily scale as your lab usage grows by adding additional stacks. The Continuous Build gives users access to a cloud-based online order portal and monitoring system while giving print technicians access to machine status, controls, performance and analytics dashboards.

  • Tackle multiple jobs in parallel without downtime
  • Capture more of the market with zero tooling
  • Produce parts only when they are needed, where they are needed

The Demonstrator can easily scale to any need with its interconnected print cells, automated workflow, and scalable production.

System Specifications and Material (ABSplus):

Build Envelope12 x 12 x 12 cm (4.7 x 4.7 x 4.7 in)
Support MaterialSR-30 Soluble
Layer Thickness
  • 0.254mm (0.010 in.) ABSplus
  • 0.178mm (0.007 in.) ABSplus
  • 0.127mm (0.005 in.) ABSplus

+/-  .200 mm ( .008 in.)


+/-  .002 mm/mm ( .002 in/in)

whichever is greater

SoftwareStratasys SkyLab Cloud

Size & Weight

(per 3-stack with consumables)

  • 78 x 28.5 x 31 in 
  • 200 lbs.

Workstation Compatibility

  • Windows® 7 and 10
  • Internet Connectivity



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