Parker Electrohydraulic Module

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Parker Electrohydraulic Module

Learn the skill of Open and Closed loop control exactly as you would in the real world. Automatic control of hydraulic systems has evolved into an increasingly superior alternative for many industrial applications. Advances in hydraulic hardware and electronics have combined to make the design and installation of these systems more intuitive, reliable, cost-effective, repeatable and user-friendly.

Controlling the position of a cylinder is one of the more demanding hydraulic motion control techniques. The electrohydraulic module is intended to develop a solid background in controlling the position of a cylinder, along with references to controlling velocity, pressure, force and combinations thereof.

The Electrohydraulic System Engineering Textbook focuses on the challenges faced by individuals involved with electrohydraulic systems. These challenges include bridging the theory of open and closed loop hydraulic systems to real applications for improved system performance.


Industry Recognized Credential Achieved:

 Parker Electrohydraulic Feedback Systems Credential

Parker’s Motion and Control Institute offers a full range of training equipment and curriculum to support the teaching of hydraulic and pneumatic motion control technologies. Utilized by Colleges, Universities, Technical Schools and industry around the world, Parker’s training systems, textbooks, lab manuals, instructor’s guides, and teaching aids have been educating technology students for over 40 years.

  • Parker’s modular training system is a flexible training platform. The system can be customized to meet the user’s needs and budget.
  • The components on Parker’s training equipment are industrial grade and are used in industry today. Students benefit from learning with the components actually used in demanding real-world applications.
  • Training products are available individually or grouped with other components and curriculum to create custom learning modules. Hundreds of Colleges and Universities use Parker learning modules to educate the next generation of motion and control professionals.

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