Levil CNC Certification Turning Cart

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LTC-30 Series, Compact CNC Turning Machine

Levil CNC Certification Turning Cart

The Levil CNC certification turning cart enables students to gain exposure to turning practices, including on-machine programming, set up and operation. The small footprint with easy access allows portability, eliminating intimidation that much larger machines can impose on students when first entering CNC programs. The portable machine runs on a standard single phase 110vAC outlet and is capable of being moved from classroom to classroom through a standard doorway.


  • Direct drive on X and Y axis
  • Linear guideways on each axis
  • Aluminum body
  • Granite base
  • Servo controlled
  • 8 Gang Style OD Cutting Tools
  • 10 position tool rack for milling
  • Preloaded Ball Screws
  • 8 Gang Style ID Cutting Tools

*Optional tooling projects are available, designed to match the FANUC Certified CNC Concepts curriculum that includes tool holders, tooling and sample materials. Students can learn the fundamentals of CNC turning on the compact footprint.


Available Turning Spindle

 There are two different spindle options to choose from. Whether it is for low speed/high torque or high speed/low torque cutting conditions, we have a solution for each application.

LS-32-c Standard Spindle

  • 3,000 RPM, 2HP Air-cooled
  • Includes 4" Chuck, Self-centering 3 Jaws

High Speed Spindle (LS-32-C-220)

  • 4,500 RPM, 2HP Air-cooled
  • Includes 4" Chuck, Self-centering 3 Jaws
  • Requires 220 VAC


Industry Recognized Credential Achieved:

 FANUC Turning Center Programming, Setup, and Operation Credential (ODE Point Value: 4)

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