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Intelitek BenchMill 6100 CNC Milling Center

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CNC Milling Technology introduces students to the fundamentals of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) milling by working with a variety of machining applications with the BenchMill 6100.

Students learn the fundamentals of CNC milling by working with industrial-based equipment to accurately machine series of complex parts. Students observe and experience CNC's superiority over time-consuming, less accurate, manually controlled machine tools.

Activities challenge students to develop and edit programs, and machine assorted parts. Students gain hands-on experience in proper machine set up, cutting tools selection, tool path simulation and machining center operation. Students design solutions for industrial CNC milling applications with an emphasis on real industrial concerns, such as optimized programming, accurate milling and increased productivity.

Standard Features:

  • Ethernet-based control
  • Brushless spindlemotor
  • Full enclosure with pneumatic shield
  • Automatic diagnostics and power cut-off protection
  • PC-based CNCsoftware
  • Coolant ready
  • Jog pendant ready
  • 4th-axis ready
  • Pneumatic drawbar
  • Pneumatic door opener
  • Robotic integration ready with 6 inputs, 6 outputs

Materials required:


A table or bench capable of supporting 400 lbs.


Axis Travel

X Axis, Max: 10.24 in

Y Axis, Max: 6 in

Z Axis, Max: 7.09 in

Table   16 in x 5.7 in
Motor   Brushless, 1.34 hp, 1000 watts
Spindle   100-5000 RPM
Weight   393 lbs
Control Software

EIA RS274-D Standard G & M Code

Advanced NC Code Editing

CAD/CAM Compatible

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