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FANUC Fenceless ArcMate 50iD/7L Simulation CERT Cart for ArcTool (AT) Operations

ArcMate 50/7L Robot with R-30iB Mate Plus Controller

  • Six Axis Mechanical Robot (550mm reach)
  • R-30iB Mate Plus Controller
  • LR ArcTool Software - Advanced CERT Configuration for ARC
  • MH iPendant with Touch Screen for R-30iB Mate Plus Controller
  • eDocumentation

FENCELESS Education Training Cart

  • DCS/AB SafeZone Scanner - Collaborative Open CERT cart
  • 180+ Degree Work Envelope
  • ArcTorch with embedded Laser Pointer
  • Allen Bradley - SafeZone Safety Laser Scanner
  • Allen Bradley - Auditable Safety Stack Light
  • Large easy rolling lockable (All Direction) casters

Set of Instructor Manuals

  • (1) FANUC Robot Operations
  • (1) FANUC ArcTool Operation & Programming
  • (1) FANUC (ROBOGUIDE Simulation)


Industry Recognized Credentials Achieved:

 FANUC ARCTool Operations & Programming

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