FANUC Standalone CRX Collaborative Robot Series

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FANUC Standalone CRX Collaborative Robot Series for Material Handling (MH)

Experience the all-new CRX Series, FANUC's latest collaborative robot designed to make installation and programming your cobots easier than ever before.

FANUC CRX - The Next Generation Collaborative Robot

Ultimate Reliability

  • Smooth, modern design that is completely safe to work side-by-side with people.
  • Backed by FANUC's decades-long experience in the design and manufacture of robots with world-renowned reliability.
  • The same uncompromising quality standard that customers expect from FANUC products.

Quick Setup

  • Lightweight and compact design allows for easy integration into any work area or existing system.
  • Easy to install without the use of a crane or lifting equipment.
  • CRX uses FANUC's latest compact R-30iB Mini Plus Controller for even more space savings.

Easy Programming

  • Easily program and teach points on your new CRX cobot using all-new lead-through programming features and new teach pendant user interface.
  • Easy to connect to 3rd party grippers.
  • FANUC intelligence ready: iRVision, iRPickTool, and more.


OnRobot CRX Tooling Products


New Lightweight Controller: R-30IB Mini Plus

Compact controller weighs at <20kg

Support two input power:

AC100-120V (single phase)

AC200-240V (single phase)

Two controller configurations:

  • Vertical - IP54 rated (standard)
  • Horizontal  - IP20 rated

Intelligent Features:

  • iRvision, iRPicktool and
  • Force Sensing


New Tablet Teach Pendant

  • Combines base, tablet and apps for easy programming and operation
  • Tough tablet comes dust/liquid proof and impact resistant


New Intuitive Touch Panel User Interface

Menu and Status Bar

  • Dropdown menu
  • Status icons

3D View Area

  • Robot status graphics
  • Displays teaching points

Timeline Program View

  • Intuitive program representation
  • Simple program navigation


  • Drag & drop icons to the timeline
  • Parameters adjustable in details



Two Lightweight, Compact Models to Choose From:


  • Payload: 5kg
  • Reach: 994 mm


  • Payload: 10kg
  • Reach: 1,249 mm


  • Payload: 10kg
  • Reach: 1,418 mm


  • Payload: 20kg
  • Reach: 1,418 mm


  • Payload: 25kg
  • Reach: 1,889 mm



  • Six Axis Mechanical Robot
  • R-30iB+ Controller
  • LR HandlingTool Software - Advanced CERT Configuration
  • FANUC Samsung Tablet Pendant
  • Standard Power is 110v or 220v (no transformer required)
  • **NO EOAT

**Highly Recommended completion: DCS & CR Operation & Programming Class prior to delivery


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