FANUC Enclosed - SR-3iA SCARA CERT Cart

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FANUC Enclosed -  SR-3iA SCARA R-30iB Compact Plus Controller CERT Cart for Material Handling (MH)

FANUC's new Scara SR-3iA and SR-6iA robot features a compact design and four-axis articulation for high-speed and precise small part assembly and handling operations.

  • Ultra-compact footprint and slim profile minimizes interference with peripheral devices
  • Two models available: SR-3iA (400mm reach) and SR-6iA (650mm reach)
  • Lightweight design enables easy system integration and continuous fast operation
  • High inertia capacity maximized flexibility to handle large work pieces
  • Generous vertical stroke makes it possible to perform assembly, packaging and handling operations
  • Bottom cable exit (optional) provides cable protection and saves valuable floor space for higher efficiency
  • Integral air lines, 24VDX power and I/O signal cables, and solenoid valves (optional) simplify system integration and reduce overall cost
  • Brake release switch on the robot's arm allows easy error recovery
  • New high-performance R-30iB Compact Plus controller requires minimal space and allows layout and installation flexibility
  • New web-based "iRProgrammer" user interface for intuitive and easy robot setup and programming on a Tablet or PC (Teach Pendant is optional)
  • Standard CE/NRTL compliance on the R-30iB Compact Plus controller allows global deployment without any additional cost
  • Same high performance intelligent software options across the entire FANUC robot line, including iRVision (Integrated Vision), force sensing, conveyor tracking, fieldbus connectivity and integrated safety

SR-3iA SCARA Robot with R-30iB Compact Plus Controller

  • Four Axis Mechanical Robot
  • R-30iB Compact Plus Controller
  • LR HandlingTool Software - Advanced CERT Configuration
  • eDocumentation

SCARA Education Training Cart

  • Mobile Training Safety Enclosure (fits through a standard 36" doorway)
  • 180 Degree Work Envelope
  • 4.6 Gal. Ultra Quiet Air Compressor
  • 120VAC Transformer
  • Robot Riser Mount
  • Controller Shelf
  • Vacuum EOAT & valves
  • Heavy Duty Stabilizing Feet
  • Large easy rolling lockable (All direction) casters

Set of Instructor Manuals 

  • (1) FANUC Robot Operations
  • (1) FANUC HandlingTool Operation & Programming
  • (1) FANUC HandlingPRO (ROBOGUIDE Simulation)

 *OPTIONAL: MH iPendant with Touch Screen - R-30iB PLUS AND 10M Teach Pendant Cable

SR-Series (SCARA) Robot Operations and Maintenance - SR-SCARA: 40 hour live training course at FANUC - Highly Recommended

SCARA iRVision Package (GigE Camera Fixed Mount)

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