Advanced Manufacturing CERT Cell (AM-CERT)

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Advanced Manufacturing CERT Cell (AM-CERT)

Integration Provided by: APT Manufacturing Solutions

The AM-CERT cell was specifically designed for Advanced Manufacturing training. Learn robot to PLC interface, PLC ladder logic, operator interface, safety, mechatronics, and iRVision all in one cell. Certified for Material Handling, Level II and III Training.

The AM-CERT Cell utilizes a FANUC M10 or M20 robot with communication to a PLC, multiple End of Arm Tooling options, custom folding fencing, and safety training features built into one system that is also portable using a pallet jack or forklift. To accommodate the limited space in education environments, this cell is designed to expand to a 10' x 10' work cell giving ample area for conveyors, palletizing, or pick and place, and when you're done just fold up the guarding to have a cell that is now only 54" wide by 72" deep.

The APT AM-CERT is a full-featured large robot cell using the full-sized Fanuc R30iB robot controller platform, fully integrated to Rockwell Automation CompactLogix PLC using Studio 5000 based programming and a Rockwell PanelView Plus 10" interface touch screen. This cell can teach PLC programming and advanced robot material handling in one self-contained, portable cell. Advanced safety can be taught by use of safety interlock switches and light curtain or area scanner fully integrated into the robot and PLC safety circuit. The cell is ready for the optional conveyor to supply parts to the robot or away from the robot to outside the safety fencing.

Students will have a hands-on experience with standard industrial components they are most likely to see in real manufacturing environments. Learn robot program calls from a PLC based on decisions. Test I/O, motor operation, safety inputs, and vision-guided robotics.


  • Structural steel robot base that supports the robot, robot controller, PLC cabinet, and perimeter fencing
  • Provisions for FANUC M10ia or M20ia 6 axis robot with arm-mounted iRVision 2D
  • Folding perimeter fencing with 2" wire mesh Stronguard panels that store on the robot base frame
  • Safety interlocked entry door on perimeter fencing
  • System stack light
  • Lower side access panel for optional Swivellink conveyor through the perimeter fencing (not safety interlocked)
  • Slide out programming laptop desk with 110VAC power supply
  • Fold down pick and place tables, one on each side of the robot
  • SMC pneumatics, filter/regulator with lock out-tag out safety valve
  • SMC robot mounted valve bank wired to robot I/O through the EE Connector
  • SMC two jaw robot gripper with open/close sensors and Piab vacuum with vacuum switch
  • Available ATI automatic tool change with a separate gripper and vacuum tool
  • Two 8 port configurable I/O points
  • PLC control panel with viewing window, main power disconnect, program access port on outside of panel
  • Rockwell CompactLogix or GuardLogix PLC cell control
  • Rockwell PanelView 10" touchscreen interface with cell function screens
  • Light curtain or area scan safety for robot work area
  • Main power choice 208 VAC 3 phase, 220 VAC 3 phase, or 480 VAC 3 phase


AM CERT-10Material Handling CERT Cell with M10 Robot
AM CERT-20Material Handling CERT Cell with M20 Robot
OPTION 1Swivellink Conveyor
OPTION 2Area Scanner 270 degree protection
OPTION 3Automatic Tool Change
OPTION 4Safety PLC Option
OPTION 5Transformer 208, 220, or 240V 2 Phase power


PLC, Robot, Vision, Safety, Pneumatics, Conveyor   I, II, III, & Mechatronics

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