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Parker Pneumatic Technology

Parker Industrial Pneumatic Technology Credential

Working together with global industry leader Parker Hannifin, we use industrial components for the training systems. This allows students to have a unique hands-on experience with industrial components that are being used in real-world applications, and receive industry recognized credentials for their resume.

Instructor Certification Training: 

Pneumatic Technology for Industry: A 3-day course designed to introduce participants to pneumatics as it relates to industrial machinery. In addition, students will learn how and why pneumatic components work and how to maintain pneumatic systems.

Class Location:

Parker Hannifin Corporation

Hydraulic Valve Division

520 Temes Avenue

Elyria, OH 44035

Training also offered at Partner Education Facilities such as RAMTEC

Price: Instructor Training cost gifted with equipment purchase. Additional instructor training cost contingent on training location: est. $750 - $1,350


Course content to be taught:


Textbook chapters include:

  • Compressed air Safety
  • Introduction to compressed air
  • Symbols
  • Actuators
  • Control vales
  • Pneumatic circuits
  • Air preparations
  • Solenoids and electronic control
  • Pneumatic Logic
  • Compressed air production and distribution


Lab Manual Learning Exercises:

  • Operating a cylinder with two 3-way, 2-position valves
  • Use of a 5-way, 4-position valve to actuate a double acting cylinder
  • Use of a spring applied, air pressure released rodlock to restrict cylinder motion
  • Controlling a large valve using a smaller valve, using pneumatic control
  • Use of a quick exhaust valve to open an actuator very quickly
  • Pneumatic circuit that will cycle automatically
  • Automatic circuit with two stop signals - momentary and retained
  • Control system that converts a momentary pressure signal into a sustained pressuer signal
  • Automatic reciprocating circuit that does not use the limit valves
  • Pneumatic sequencing circuit
  • Two pressure pneumatic circuit
  • Energy conservation circuit
  • Using limit valves to cause cylinder's motion to precede another
  • Two speed circuit
  • 3 position circuit using a duplex cylinder


Course Content Used:

The Pneumatic Technology for Industry textbook was

designed to provide a practical overview of how things

work in a pneumatic system. The text provides students

with knowledge of how pneumatic components operate

and their typical industrial application.


The PTI Lab Manual offers 17 hands-on exercises for

students to explore pneumatics. This manual uses circuit

problems and demonstrations designed for use with the

pneumatic learning module. The PTI textbook is used

as a source from which background information is taken

to reinforce concepts.


For more information on training, curriculum, or equipment please feel free to contact us.



150 Industrial Drive
Lexington, OH 44904

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Pinckney, MI 48169

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